Salt of The Sea

Tales from Commercial Fisherman
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Salt of the Sea - Tales from Commercial Fishermen

Salt of The Sea – Tales from Commercial Fishermen is a lavish coffee table book with incredible photos and amazing true stories of life at sea.

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Salt of the Sea – Tales from Commercial Fishermen by Dave Dawson

Non Fiction
ISBN: 9780987227966

"G'day, I consider myself fortunate to have been involved in the commercial fishing industry for 20 years during which I've met some truly incredible fisherfolk with inspiring and exciting tales of life at sea. I was deeply compelled to record some of their stories and have done so in my book,Salt of the Sea – Tales from Commercial Fishermen, a beautiful coffee table book, spectacular to look at, and packed full of engaging stories about the most dangerous job in the world. It's a tribute to a wonderfully unique industry designed to wow you at each turn of the page but it’s also much more. The book's characters and I address many issues such as public misconception, environmentalism, fisheries management, and work ethic plus many other important concerns facing today’s fishers. It’s written in a very easy to read style without technical jargon so that the experienced pro as well as the general public are kept entertained and informed along the way.  The initial print run of only 1500 handmade hardcover books was published in July 2014 as a “Limited Collector’s Edition” and has been extremely well received. Limited edition hardcover copies are still available for purchase and I am very pleased to now be able to offer a downloadable full PDF version of my book. Regardless of which version you choose, I am sure you, like hundreds before you, will greatly enjoy  Salt of the Sea – Tales from Commercial Fishermen."              

Cheers Dave

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Participation rates in Australia’s commercial fishing industry have declined at an alarming rate. Rather than lament what has been lost, Dave Dawson has gathered stories to celebrate what was. A few select real life characters have shared their exciting tales of life at sea, in fair and foul weather, through the boom times and the busts. Each of these fishermen demonstrate the strength, resolve, determination and endurance required for success in a very tough, yet rewarding world. Join Dave for a taste of the way that the world was, and perhaps should still be, when men were men, unrestricted by a bloated, overbearing environmental and bureaucratic monster. Come, step aboard and sail away with us for a unique view of this wonderful ocean of proud individuals - the Salt of the Sea.


Dave Dawson chronicles the stories of some of the colourful characters he has known from the industry both on the sea and from the central vantage point of a ship chandler furnishing the industry with a broad range of its specialist supplies and equipment. The tales he tells are a rollicking good read and an important part of our history well worth reading for entertainment value alone. They are also something more, a requiem for a valuable industry along with a way of life we don’t need to kill and indeed, can ill afford to lose

– Walter Starck